Sunday, January 13, 2013

I Drove 10 Hours to See Monkeys!

OK, I did not actually drive the 10 hours, but it caught your attention didn't it?   I did however spend nearly 10 hours (round trip) in a bus when I was in Ghana knowing at the end of that trip there would be a beautiful waterfall and monkeys.  This was almost three years ago when I traveled with Semester at Sea yet I think about it often when I get in my car to drive to connect with friends.

That trip, the whole journey in fact, put a lot of things into perspective for me.  The lesson I learned from those monkeys was that if I was willing to spend nearly 10 hours on a bus to see monkeys for a few minutes then it was a no brainer to think about getting in my car and traveling a couple of hours to reconnect with old friends. 

Since my travels with Semester at Sea which was one extreme adventure I try to find smaller adventures on a regular basis.  Though my finances are limited right now to do any sort of major travelling (or adventuring) when the opportunity arises to connect with old friends (members of my “village”) I jump at it!  I embarked on such an adventure this past Friday night, drove the two hours to Boston, where I was able to connect with a former student who I would certainly call a dear friend, who was in town for a couple of days.  There are a number of people in my life that I would say it does not matter how much time has passed it is as if we saw each other yesterday and she would certainly be one of those people.  So, to be able to see one of these friends in two hours time when I rode a bus all day to see some monkeys (as amazing as they were) was exactly the adventure I had been looking for.  I have learned that an adventure does not need to take you half way across the world but maybe to just the other side of the state or even down the road.

I am looking forward to heading to NY this coming week to reconnect with more of my village and family and set out on another budget friendly adventure.

Who are those people in your life that no matter how long time passes it is like you just spoke with them?  How can you create an adventure to reconnect with them?  

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